About Our Auto Parts Facility

At U-Pull And Save in Fort Myers, Florida, we give you access to our vehicle lot and let you look for the spare auto parts you need. Customers bring their own tools and remove the parts they need. Due to this, spare parts are much cheaper than buying them from the manufacturer or an auto parts store.
If you require assistance removing a part, our staff will be glad to help you for a reasonable fee. Our staff members are auto salvage professionals, and can help you get the part you need without damaging it.
Sometimes, we may not have the exact part you require. If this happens, we can help you find a part from another make or model that will fit (many parts in today's cars are common and are used in several different makes and models)
Wheel Parts Of Car — Auto Parts Service in Fort Myers, FL
For more information on our auto parts services to the Fort Myers, Naples, Port Charlotte, Cape Coral, and Punta Gorda areas, give us a call at 239-337-7300.